Sunday, October 22, 2006

War Metaphor

The lede of this Post piece is really odd, with its over-use of war imagery and insinuations that a Democratic victory next month would somehow be akin to insurrection and violence on the homefront:
The White House is bracing for guerrilla warfare on the homefront politically if Republicans lose control of the House, the Senate or both _ and with it, the president's ability to shape and dominate the national agenda.

Republicans are battling to keep control of Congress. But polls and analysts in both parties increasingly suggest Democrats will capture the House and possibly the Senate on Election Day Nov. 7.

It goes on to be a pretty straightforward piece about lame-duck presidencies, but it sure starts off in a strange manner. It even seem that they're trying to make a very unseemly parallel between the Iraqi insurgency and Democratic opposition at home. If so, that's far beyond the pale.

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