Thursday, October 26, 2006

Missouri Stem Cell Ads

So Limbaugh apologized and then unapologized for his despicable comments alleging that Fox was exaggerating his illness. I think that this Limbaugh fallout is really resonating with large swathes of the heartland in the same way that the Terry Schiavo case did, potentially provoking another huge backlash for conservatives. In the Schiavo case, we saw conservatives trying to speak for a brain-dead woman while making all sorts of horrendous slanders against her husband, and people were revolted by their attempts to score a few political points. It backfired spectacularly. Even commentators in the religious conservative heartland see Limbaugh's attack on Fox as inexcusable, hate-filled and wrong.

And apparently, according to Limbaugh and friends, it's wrong for someone who actually suffers from Parkinson's Disease to make a commercial in which he exhibits symptoms of that disease, but a rebuttal ad featuring a sitcom start, an NFL player and an actor who played Jesus is to be lauded. At least Jonah and some others have some sense about them, it seems. Mind-bogglingly, Caviezel is apparently saying "you betray me with a kiss" (if you support this amendment). Kathryn thinks that the ad is "cool" and "subtle." Yeah, having a fake Jesus warning voters not to betray him is very, very subtle.

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