Thursday, June 04, 2009


From Jeffrey Goldberg:
An African-American President with Muslim roots stands before the Muslim world and defends the right of Jews to a nation of their own in their ancestral homeland, and then denounces in vociferous terms the evil of Holocaust denial, and right-wing Israelis go forth and complain that the President is unsympathetic to the housing needs of settlers. Incredible, just incredible.

Joel Connelly on Right-Wing Hate

This is very good.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Krugman on Reagan


Vancouver Canadians

19 days. Who's in?


Watch it if you can:

Get this...

One of the Corner bloggers blames the recruiting station shootings on...pacifists:
If the Pro-Life Movement Is Responsible for the Murder of Tiller, isn't the peace movement responsible for the shootings at the recruiting station?

Every cause has extremists and lunatics, which the saner ones cannot control.

Yes, because extreme pacifists are all about shooting people.