Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Newsweek on Impeachment

Regarding the link about support for impeachment below, I think it's a bit odd the way that Newsweek downplays the numbers. The relevant information comes near the end of the piece, but the total percentage of support is never even spelled out. Furthermore, it's made to sound as if the numbers in general are low:
Other parts of a potential Democratic agenda receive less support, especially calls to impeach Bush: 47 percent of Democrats say that should be a “top priority,” but only 28 percent of all Americans say it should be, 23 percent say it should be a lower priority and nearly half, 44 percent, say it should not be done.

So 51% of all Americans think it should at least be a priority. Newsweek describes this as unpopular. I can't help but think that if it was Clinton who was still president and 51% wanted him to go, the headlines would be screaming "Majority Demands Clinton Impeachment."

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