Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Seriousness of the Day

In a post called "Is America Serious? Are Democrats?", John Hood seems to suggest that the North Korea crisis is all down to weak-kneed Dems:
Is America serious about confronting this threat? Are we willing to do what it takes to rally our allies and destroy our enemies? Will we take whatever action is necessary, including military action, to prevent Iran from following North Korea’s lead? Do we have the fortitude and the wisdom to confront the Taliban and al Qaeda without tipping Pakistan, another nuclear state, into a dangerous civil war? Will we leave Iraq precipitously and embolden our adversaries to take their war into Europe and closer to our shores?

Some partisan Republicans see all these questions as prompts for partisan attack. I understand that. But what I would welcome with relief and gratitude would be strong leadership from the Democratic party — from prominent Democrats who, regardless of the outcome on Election Day, are going to play a key role in discussing, forming, and carrying out American policy. I’d like to see evidence that they understand the existential threat we face — and that it has nothing to do with fantasies about Rove fingering their library records or GOP leaders shielding pedophiles.

Regardless of election day...this coming from a stooge for the president who will not even considering changing strategy in Iraq until after election day. It's downright stomach-churning to see a partisan hack pretending to be so nonpartisan, defaming the Democratic party as he pretends to be making a call for bipartisanship.

And as far as the NK crisis itself, I refer you again to Josh.

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