Friday, October 20, 2006

Republican Infighting

The NYT has an interesting piece on the current feuds with conservatism. This quote made me laugh:
“There is a bit of a battle between people who say, Hey, your tax cuts wrecked our war and people who say, Hey, your war wrecked our tax cuts,” said David Frum, a former Bush speechwriter who was among the war’s proponents.

Frum then goes on to employ the the competence dodge:
Mr. Frum argued that the problem with the Iraq war was in its execution, not in the idea behind it. “The war has to be seen through the prism of Hurricane Katrina,” he argued, “because conservatives will support a tough war if they are confident in the war’s management.”

Anyone still arguing that the war was a good idea that was simply mismanaged is either an incredible fool or is too wrapped up in his self-image to admit that he was wrong.

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