Tuesday, October 31, 2006

IEM Update

Here are the latest figures from the Iowa Electronic Markets regarding next week's election:

10/30/06 NH_NS06 475/104.318/0.180/0.255/0.220/0.180
10/30/06 NH_RS06 592/286.260/0.451/0.500/0.484/0.483
10/30/06 RH_NS06 169/3.812/0.016/0.043/0.023/0.020
10/30/06 RH_RS06 406/101.631/0.230/0.299/0.250/0.232

The bolded numbers are the current share prices.

Key: NH = Non-Republican House, RH = Republican House, NS = Non-Republican Senate, RS = Republican Senate.

So the market is very strongly favouring a takeover of the House at this point.

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