Friday, November 14, 2008

Protesting Prop-8

As many of you know, California last week passed a proposition outlawing same-sex marriage, overturning an earlier proposition that had allowed thousands to finally marry. Tomorrow (Saturday) there will be protests in many major cities as people stand together for gay rights and equality, and to stand against bigotry. It's not limited to American cities. There will be a rally in downtown Vancouver at 10:30 AM. Check the same site to find out what's happening in your area.

On a related note, the Mormon Church put up a huge amount of money to sponsor Prop 8, and they are now deservedly getting a lot of flak for it. If you can't attend a protest tomorrow, another great way to stand up for equality is to write a letter to your nearest LDS church, shaming them for their bigotry and hatred.

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