Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Regardless of whether there's an explicit endorsement, dropping out before Tuesday could be a tacit endorsement of Obama. Dana Goldstein:
Intuitively, it makes sense that Edwards supporters would trend toward Obama. Both candidates ran as the anti-Clinton. Edwards even spoke about his own affinity toward Obama's "change" message at the last New Hampshire debate.

The two candidates are far more similar to each other than either is to Clinton. But it's not clear how Edwards supporters will break:
But some polling suggests otherwise. A Jan. 24 Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg News poll found that nationally, Edwards voters prefer Clinton to Obama by a slight margin. She could have an edge among those who are attracted to Edwards' focus on the economy. "Hillary talks about the economy more than Obama, and she's connected to the Clinton presidency, which people view as successful on the economic front," Teixeira said.

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