Saturday, May 19, 2007

Second Acts

Sometimes I'll be surfing from blog to blog and read something without fully realizing the context in which I'm reading it. Take this post:
Who must be the president's choice to replace Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank? John Bolton.

Funny, right? But I suddenly realized that I was reading Kathryn Lopez at the Corner, not an ironic post by somebody like Yglesias. She actually believes that would be a good thing. And on the same thread, check this out:
So who? Well, the best solution would be to simply dismantle the Bank and convert its capacious main building into a hotel, convenient to the White House and other Washington attractions. But since that’s unlikely to happen, here’s another thought ... There’s a whole roster of patriotic Americans who would have a similar effect, and as we have just seen, they don’t have to actually do anything wrong. The Bank will arrange that for them. In that spirit, if they are willing to sacrifice for the good of our country, and indeed, the good of the world, how about we send John Bolton, followed by Don Rumsfeld, followed by …. well, you get the idea.

What these folks would really prefer is that we just completely dismantle multinational institutions such as the UN and World Bank, but in lieu of that we'll just send them our most incompetent, belligerent bastards and do as much damage as we can that way. Well, if nothing else you can say they're honest about it.

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