Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This NYT piece by Ramesh Ponnuru fits into the classic CW as well -- popular among both Republicans and much of the mainstream media -- that everything works to the advantage of Republicans, no matter what. Ponnuru just takes this to its logical extreme: losing is really winning.

I can see some of the logic - that Republicans maintaining absolute power over congress and the presidency until 2008 makes it more likely that voters will turn against the GOP in that election. But I don't buy his assumption, that Dems taking a small majority in the House will sour voters against them for 2008. If Dems re-take the House, it will be a first small step toward regaining some power from this corrupted GOP. And initially it won't be much power, unless they miraculously get a majority in the Senate too.

But most importantly, what Ponnuru doesn't point out is that the Republicans shouldn't lose for strategic reasons; they should lose because they deserve to lose.

And Digby takes Ponnuru to task even further here.

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