Friday, August 11, 2006


Via Atrios, I found this bit of GOP insanity: the Republican National Committee website posted a photo of several high-profile Democrats including Howard Dean, but in this photo they drew a faint Hitler-style moustache on Dean. Someone must've come to their senses, because it was soon removed, but luckily some bloggers copied the photo before they replaced it with a moustache-less one.

Click here to compare the two photos. Mind you, this isn't from some far-right blogger. This was posted on the Republicans' own national website.

This comes after Fox News anchor John Gibson goes on this tirade:
"Hang on, Dems. Here come the Pol Pots of your party. And if you were for national security, you are now emphatically not. Or else. Remember the mountain of skulls in Cambodia? It's the Democrats new reality now that the anti-war rabble has tasted blood by taking Lieberman down,"

Yes, they think of Democrats as akin to Hitler and the Khmer Rouge.

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