Monday, July 31, 2006


From the beginning of this conflict, I've believed that Israel had a right to respond to Hezbollah's incursion into Northern Israel. And I believed, and still believe, that those who immediately criticized Israel's decision to attack in the first day or two after the attack began are simply pre-disposed to opposing anything that Israel does in its own defense. But Israel has made an unbelievable muck-up of this. Has Hezbollah suffered any significant setbacks? And even if you believe that "collateral damage" is warranted in order to make in-roads to Hezbollah's hideouts, has anything good come from these attacks? I can't recall reading or hearing anything that makes me think the past two or three weeks have strengthened Israel in any way.

I see that the shameless folks at The Corner have put up several posts touting Israel's report that Hezbollah was launching from Qana, as if that settles the matter.

Israel's actions just serve, yet again, to make our enemies in the war on terror believe that we really don't know what we're doing.

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