Thursday, November 18, 2004


Just a quick note to say I think Andrew gets it wrong here . First off, what is his basis for saying that Clinton would never promote a black woman to such a position? Second, almost every piece on Condi has noted that she is the first black woman to fill the position, which may not be praise in itself but could nonetheless be construed as giving Bush credit. It is at least recognition of the fact. I'm not sure where he gets this idea that the left has ignored the fact that Bush has named women and minorities to his cabinet. Do we really need to heap praise on every such move Bush makes, when after all it is simply the natural and right thing to do, to provide equal opportunities?

I think Sullivan is more even-handed than many of his critics on both sides give him credit for, but every once in a while he comes out with an outlandish attack on the left (think of his post-9/11 attacks on the "fifth column").

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