Monday, November 27, 2006

Steyn's Female Problems

Mark Steyn, the darling of conservatives everywhere, is worried. If you read through the linked piece, you'll see that what he's basically worried about is that Muslims are supposedly reproducing at too fast a rate, and that Western women are not reproducing enough. His rambling article is never explicit on that, but it's clear enough what he is saying. Conservatives like Steyn believe that the West -- Europe, initially -- is going to be overrun by Muslims because of immigration and differences in reproduction rates. In response, Ralph Peters suggests that this fear is misplaced, because Steyn and others underestimate Europeans' tendency to react with "stunning ferocity" when sufficiently threatened. That is, Peters predicts Europeans will eventually deal with the "Muslim threat" by expelling or killing huge numbers. Peter Robinson of The Corner seems to wish that were the case, but counter-argues that when Europe "roused itself in centuries past, it did so as a continent of belief." Post-Christian Europe, the argument goes, has lost its genocidal lust - and Robinson actually seems to be lamenting this. Ah, for the days when Europeans believed in something and knew how to care care of these kinds of messes. Anyway, these are the types of things that fundamentalist Republicans spend their time contemplating.

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