Thursday, November 09, 2006

Seen, Not Heard

This K-Lo post is beyond comprehension. Titled "Enough with the women, already," its text reads:
Another reason to be bummed about what happened Tuesday: "Hill Demographic Goes Slightly More Female"

Liberal women who treat their status as liberal women as an ideology are highly irritating — and really useful for some of the Left's worst ideas.

(Of course, men — especially Republican ones — who go-along and pretend they can't question political women on some important issues [abortion] irritate me just as much if not more.)

Two more pro-abortion [sic] women in the Senate is a bad thing and a step backward at a time when one of liberal feminism's standards are facing some serious cultural challenges.

In other words, liberal women should be seen and not elected.


This is truly the kind of post you can read two or three times and still not have any idea what this wingnut is saying or why. The line about "a step backward" is completely nonsensical, especially.

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